Social Media Content

The goal of marketing is to put your message where the collective attention of your audience lies.  Of nearly 5 billion active internet users worldwide, 93% access the internet via mobile devices and participate in social media. The attention of the world is on their phones, if you want to reach them you must be there too. Creating consistent meaningful content is the single best way to engage with others and grow your brand.


Why is engaging social media
content so effective?

- It's easily consumable​​

Roughly 80% of all web traffic comes from video views is made up from video traffic. This means that the best way to share information with your audience is through video vs. text and images alone. Customers are more likely to use your product or service if they can see it in action.

- It's establishes brand awareness

Before you can sell a product or service, you need potential buyers to know you are. Producing a variety of creative and engaging content will build trust with your audience and will eventually help convert views into sales.

- It's shareable and boosts your SEO


High quality video content is incredibly relevant and shareable. This means your message will get the attention it deserves. Not to mention, Google indexes videos from all major platforms, and your website, which helps your audience find you more easily.

- It can be micro-targeted 


With traditional media, brands have long needed to go broad with their marketing strategies to try to appeal to as many people as possible. Today, with the ability to micro-target your audience, you are able to create hyper contextual content directed at your target market.

Learn more about why video marketing is such an effective and powerful tool by reading the this blog post

"The global average time spent using social media platforms per day is 142 minutes in 2021 - far higher than the 90 minutes recorded in 2012"

- Statista Digital Economy Compass

Grow Your Audience Through Our Content Creation & Management Formula

Our content creation and management formula makes producing the amount of engaging social media content you need to grow your business simple and easy to understand. Our proven system minimizes the amount of time required by our clients down to a simple monthly recording session.

You know that in today’s market you need to have a presence on all of these channels and on your own that can feel incredibly overwhelming. That’s why we created the 32One Content Formula. We make sure that your business is everywhere it needs to be so you can spend your time being everywhere you want to be. 

Running a business is difficult enough without the headache of worrying if you're posting enough. We take care of all the content creation and posting so that you can focus on the day to day work of your business. After all, you wanted to run YOUR business, not a media company. That’s why we’re here!

Producing meaningful, engaging, and creative content will put your business in front of the people you need to continue to grow. Utilizing video, audio, images, and the written word to maximize your reach and be contextual on every platform. We provide the strategy, the formula, and distribution you need to make your social media accounts work for you. 

What You Need to Know About Social Media Content Strategy

Putting up a post and hoping someone sees it is a little like nailing a poster to a telephone pole and hoping that someone who walks by wants to buy your product or services. We teach you how to optimize search results, how to use keywords and be contextual to the platform you are posting on to expand your organic reach. We focus on placement and getting your content in front of as many eyes as possible.

Some people are visual learners and connect better with videos, some need to see an infographic where everything is laid out for them with definitive numbers. Some love to read and dive into a LinkedIn article, blog, or Facebook post. Whatever the medium, your message remains the same. It’s about getting the information into the hands of the people that need to hear it, see it, or read it. 

Platforms are constantly changing and evolving with the times. Instagram was once a solely focused photo sharing app, now it competes daily with TikTok for short form vertical video supremacy.  LinkedIn was seen as strictly a job recruiting site until the past several years when it has emerged as a true social media force to be reckoned with, especially for B2B businesses. 

Understanding how these platforms work allows your business to have the best chance of finding new leads and creating long lasting customer relationships. Social media is king when it comes to collective attention today, and the opportunity and ability to grow your brand has never been so abundant. Your audience is out there waiting to connect with you, all you have to do is start.