• Ben Barber

Just Be You.

Updated: Mar 29

Authenticity is the best way to connect with your audience...and just a better way to live!

When I was 18 I went to an acting conservatory for college in New York City. We got to learn from professional Broadway, TV and Movie actors, directors, choreographers… it was incredible. One day in acting class I received maybe the best advice I’ve ever been given.

My teacher said “that scene was great, but it wasn’t you.”

I was confused… I thought we were supposed to be someone else, that is the essence of acting, right? Apparently not. I am a bigger guy, but I was acting… small. I was trying to do an impersonation of who I thought this character was instead of starting from me, who I am, and then going into what I was doing from that perspective. Once I learned how to be myself first and build around it, I became something I had never been on stage or in front of a camera before… authentic. It changed my life, and my acting.

It Can Be a Struggle

This is the biggest thing I’ve seen my clients struggle with when I first start working with them. Everyone believes they need a persona or to be a perfect version of the host or personality that they enjoy watching. It isn’t true. When you start by being your authentic self, you allow yourself to get comfortable and once your comfortable the rest comes pretty easily to most people. Audiences want to see YOU, you might do funny things, you might actually BE a character, but if that character is who you really are that’s where the magic happens.

So next time you go to make a piece of content, and you’re worried about tripping over your words, or that thing your smile does that you think looks weird… just know that it might be the very thing other people love about you. You are enough, just the way you are.

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