• Ben Barber

Connecting Communities

Updated: Mar 29

In March 2020, we were there. Connecting communities with resources to produce cathartic, creative, and meaningful content.

In March 2020, when the world was shutting down and no one knew where to turn, our phone started ringing. Local churches, small businesses, non-profits, even the Government were all searching for a new way to reach people. We got to work right away with dozens of new clients. Sunday morning services now being live-streamed from home. Virtual town halls giving out vital information about health measures, unemployment insurance, and SBA loans.

We were creating new ways for these organizations to reach the people, but we were also creating new ways for the people to have a more direct connection on these organizations

In the over 18 months since the start of the pandemic, many of these institutions have reopened their doors to the public. The old ways of doing things, though slightly modified, are back… but the new ways learned through the struggles of the last year and half are here to stay. A social and digital footprint have never been more important for anyone who has a goal of staying connected.

Authentic Content for Successful Outcomes

Why were we so successful in keeping these communities together? Because we met the people where they are. Gone are the days of having to miss church because your daughter has a soccer game across town. Public policy forums are no longer posted on a message board or in a newspaper for a select few, but are carried out in real time in front of the world.

With a mix of both curated and unfiltered content, live and polished, and all through the lens of honest storytelling, we have seen a profound effect on the nature of the relationship between our clients and their communities.

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