Podcast Production

Podcasts can be fairly easy to produce, but harder to produce well. This is why it’s important when you want to make an impact, to hire a team of professionals. We have produced thousands of podcast episodes, across various genres and formats. We make sure that your show has the highest audio & video quality from the moment we hit record, to the moment your listeners hit play. Our team of producers and editors work to deliver your message directly to your audience every week on all the podcast platforms. You talk. We take it from there.


Why is hosting a podcast so effective?

- It's easily consumable​​

Roughly 80% of all web traffic comes from video views is made up from video traffic. This means that the best way to share information with your audience is through video vs. text and images alone. Customers are more likely to use your product or service if they can see it in action.

- It builds relationships with your audience

Podcasts develop an intimate relationship between audience and host that is created by being with your listener during the quiet moments of their day, such as going for a walk, driving, or doing household chores. This creates a deeper bond than traditional marketing ever could.

- It's shareable and boosts your SEO


High quality video content is incredibly relevant and shareable. This means your message will get the attention it deserves. Not to mention, Google indexes videos from all major platforms, and your website, which helps your audience find you more easily.

- It's an effective networking tool​​

Reaching out to a potential client or collaborator to be a guest on your podcast has a much higher success rate than traditional cold calling. Instead of asking for their business, you are giving your guest value up front and building rapport before a sales meeting ever takes place. 

- It creates pillar content

Hosting a weekly podcast makes creating your social media content that much easier. You now have the ability to take your organized thoughts, quotes, and information, and turn them into an endless supply of relevant information to post via other platforms and types of media, including turning your transcripts into blogs, articles, or even a book!

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Podcast Production Example

  • Project: You Know How To Live Podcast

  • Client: Kate Hammer Consulting

  • Production type: Video Podcast

  • Client Requirement: Produce a seamless video podcast experience for both the host and guest

  • Output: One full podcast episode. Video. Audio. Social content

  • Turnaround time: 48 hours 

You Know How To Live

Video Podcast

"Over 66%  of podcast listeners in the US have a college degree (bachelor's or higher) and an average annual household income of $75,000 or more."

- Buzzsprout

Connect with Your Audience Through Video Podcasting

Did you know that over one third of internet users watch YouTube daily? The average consumer spends 7 hours a week watching online video. Video podcasts are one of the fastest growing genres of long form online video. By creating a video version of your podcast you are more than doubling the potential reach for your show.

In addition to full episodes on YouTube, Facebook, & LinkedIn, video podcasts allow you the ability to take clips of the show and turn them into short form videos for platforms like Tiktok & Instagram Reels. Repacking clips from your show as evergreen content for each platform will expand your reach and the possibilities of the new markets you can connect with.

What You Need to Know About Podcast Production

As the host of a podcast you should be focused on your guest or the topic at hand and delivering the most valuable content possible for your audience. Being worried about technical aspects of recording can prevent you from being as engaged as you’d like to be with the content of the show itself.

The importance of professional editing can not be understated when it comes to podcast production. Being in a listener’s ear during a quiet moment is a very personal experience and nothing is worse than taking them out of that moment of connection with you than a technical hiccup mid podcast. Our team makes sure that your show is a delightful listening experience from beginning to end, every time.

The video & audio versions of your podcast go out live every week at the same time. This is another step to building that relationship with your audience. Listeners come to depend on the companionship of their favorite podcasts and our team ensures that your show is there for them consistently.

Podcasts are wonderful tools for building your brand through meaningful relationships with your guests and audience. Our job is to allow you to stay focused on those relationships while we take care of every technical aspect. Together we can create a podcast that drives new business for your organization and produces meaningful content that engages, educates, and entertains.