Livestream Broadcasting

Take your event to the next level with a livestream broadcast. Don’t let time or distance be a deterrent for putting on a successful event. Our team of professional livestream producers deliver a high quality production that takes the pressure off your organization and makes those at home feel like they are right there in the room with you. By creating a hybrid experience, your event can be more inclusive and reach a wider audience, raising more awareness, generating more interest, and creating a longer lasting memory for those who attend virtually or in person.


Why is livestream broadcasting so effective?

- It's easily consumable​​

Roughly 80% of all web traffic comes from video views is made up from video traffic. This means that the best way to share information with your audience is through video vs. text and images alone. Customers are more likely to use your product or service if they can see it in action.

- It's inclusive, accessible, and convenient

With the ease and accessibility of a virtual livestream option, attendee’s can decide if they want to participate in person, at their office, or from the comfort of their own home. Meeting people where they are will drive new levels of participation and attendee morale.

- It's shareable and boosts your SEO


High quality video content is incredibly relevant and shareable. This means your message will get the attention it deserves. Not to mention, Google indexes videos from all major platforms, and your website, which helps your audience find you more easily.

- It expands your reach 


Traditional live events have one major flaw, location. With a hybrid livestream event, you are able to connect with participants no matter their location. This gives your organization previously unimaginable opportunities for growth and connection without limits.

- The content is long-lasting and easily repurposed

Livestream events can be used as on demand content through various media platforms after the live. The content from your event can be repurposed for social content and video courses to help reinforce your message and increase revenue.

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Livestream Broadcasting Production Example

  • Project: Rock the House Livestream Telethon

  • Client: Ronald McDonald House Charities of New England

  • Video production type: Livestream Telethon

  • Client Requirement: Coordinate and produce a livestream telethon with over 20 different segments to raise money and awareness. 

  • Output: One 8 hour livestream broadcasting to 5 different channels simultaneously.

  • Turnaround time: N/A (live)

Rock the House

Livestream Telethon

"Approximately 34% of Generation Z (which were born between 1997 and 2015) have shown a new interest in live streams, especially on social platforms."


- GWI Flagship Report

Connect to a Larger Audience with Hybrid Event Production

Telling your story is the most important piece of any event. Whether you are raising funds for a nonprofit, sharing your organization’s expertise on a subject, or in the world of the performing arts. We all have a story to tell, and we can all agree that we would like to share that story with as many people who want or need to hear it as possible. By making your event a hybrid live-stream experience, you are erasing the boundaries of how large an audience gets to hear that story.

With livestream events,  participants are not limited restricted based on time and ability to travel. They no longer need to worry about how they schedule the hours they spend around getting to and from the event. Would be attendees from other regions of the country, or across the world are able to participate in the event as if they were in the room, in a way that for years has been reserved to only the biggest national and international televised events.

Hybrid Event Production Example

  • Project: 2021 Inspired Lives Gala

  • Client: Fairview CT

  • Video production type: Hybrid Event Production, Live Audio/Visual, and Livestream

  • Client Requirement: Produce in-person AV and Livestream simultaneously 

  • Output: YouTube Live and Facebook Live

  • Turnaround time: Live

Fairview CT

Hybrid Event Production

What You Need to Know About Livestream Broadcasting

Over the last few years, we have all had the experience of attending live-streamed events. You already know the difference between a good hybrid event and a bad one, you’ve witnessed it first hand. The consensus is in, the hybrid event model is amazing, but only when the production is done well. The convenience of audience participation with a live-streamed broadcast and the expansion of your reach is unprecedented. But what about the technology?

Hiring a team of professionals for your hybrid event is important. The last thing your organization wants to be worried about when the big day comes is standing over a laptop asking “are we live?” At 32One Media, we have produced over 500 live-streamed hybrid events in the last 2 years alone. Our goal with each live event is to make sure that your organization can focus on the details in the room, while the rest of the world feels like they’re in the room with you.