A Gubernatorial Landslide

How we helped Governor Dan McKee win re-election with the largest landslide in Rhode Island history.

Using social media to help an incumbent governor win re-election

The Task, We Did

Film 2 hours per month and created social media content for the campaign duration.


Friends of Dan McKee https://www.governordanmckee.com/


9 month contract

About The Project

During the pandemic 32One Co-Founder, Ben Barber formed lasting relationships with government officials and non-profits through pro bono livestream and podcast producing. Flash forward to 2022 and Friends of Dan McKee approach us about creating social media content. 

We filmed with Governor McKee's campaign roughly 2 hours per month, for 9 months and created relevant video content for social media. For the most part the content was used at the discretion of the campaign. We had exclusive access to the Governor and even filmed Dr. Jill Biden. 

Biggest Challenge
We had to be nimble with scheduling. The campaign was fast moving and we needed to be able to show up at a moments notice and provide a fast turnaround.
We dedicated resources to be on stand-by throughout the campaign and were able to accommodate film schedules.
Consistent, high-quality video content for the campaign's social media accounts. 



Governor McKee's social media platforms out-performed his competitor. Our goal was to show the personal side of the Governor to better connect with voters. We hit the campaign trail with Governor McKee as he proved himself to be a man of the people, politics aside. 

With election day approaching we felt confident that our work would help re-elect Governor McKee. However, nobody was prepared to witness the largest gubernatorial landslide in 30 years. Thanks, in part, to our work Governor McKee was re-elected by nearly 20 points. 

“We are extremely thankful for 32One Media for providing us highly reliable services. Our scheduling posed some challenges but the team at 32One has done magic and provided us fast yet highly reliable services. We have worked with the agency for some time and this long-term partnership will continue in the future too.”
Friends of Dan McKee
Content Creation & Management

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